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80% Initiative for 2024-2026

Help Support our 80% Initiative!

CASA of Middlesex County can advocate for more children each year with your help. Give an abused and neglected child a voice. We are proud of our significant growth over the last 5 years. In 2018, CASA of Middlesex County served 21% of children in out-of-home placements throughout the county. That percentage increased to 61% in 2023. We strive to continue to serve more and more foster children each year.

Additional funds raised as part of the 80% initiative will be used to:

• Recruit new advocates

• Screen recruited advocates

• Purchase training materials

• Support new advocates with our professional staff

• Fund outreach efforts to keep our community aware of the urgent needs of children in out-of-home placements

Our Sponsors and Partners

  • Holman Frenia Allison
  • Columbia Bank
    Columbia Bank
  • Janice and Joshua Bershad
  • Amboy Bank
  • Ron & Judy Brown
  • Middlesex County Bar Association
    Middlesex County Bar Association
  • Olive M Bryan
  • Betsy Capp
  • Andrea Conkin-Bueschel
  • Ellen & Charles Clarkson
  • Jeanne Fox & Steve DeMicco
  • Dennis Doll
  • Joseph V Egan
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Works
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Works
  • Ryan Goor
  • Groundworks
  • Amy Jumbelic
  • Alton & Linda Kinsey
  • Middlesex County Trial Lawyers Association
  • Sharon Hoffman-Manning
  • Amy Mansue
  • New Brunswick City Market
    New Brunswick City Market
  • Mayor John E McCormac
  • Susanne Peticolas, Esq.
    Susanne Peticolas, Esq.
  • Gerry Pomper & Sandy Bergelson
  • The City of Perth Amboy
    The City of Perth Amboy
  • David Redlawsk
  • Gus Sleiman
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Harvey & Judith Martin Waterman
  • Middlesex Water
    Middlesex Water
  • Sandy Wilson
  • Woodbridge Community Charity Fund